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During each service, we create an environment where people can experience God in a real way through passionate worship and practical teaching.

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The cornerstones of our clinic are: treating patients the same as if we were treating family, using the latest equipment to provide the most technologically advanced eye care, and giving back to the community.Where you could fulfill your life purpose in a joyful and meaningful way.Our vision is to raise SOM consciousness on the planet one individual at a time by providing a Center which is open to all who are seeking a joy-filled, loving, and healing atmosphere in which to learn how to heal wounded.The visual system is the part of the central nervous system which gives organisms the ability to process visual detail as sight, as well as enabling the formation of several non-image photo response functions.

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After a year of preparing the property The Business Center of Southwestern Michigan was born.Let the expertise of Dr. Kyung R. Hong help you with your vision solutions.Andrea Taddese is a developmental optometrist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of developmental and functional vision.

Our vision for The Holdsworth Center is to establish a world-class training and retreat center that education leaders can turn to for support and growth.

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Our vision is a world where endangered wolves and other wild canids exist and thrive in their native habitats, recognized and valued for their vital roles as leading members of a healthy ecosystem.


Mission: to advance ocean conservation through education, exploration and experience.


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Transform the lives of people with behavioral health and IDD needs. Our Vision.Every visit we are amazed at how patient, kind, and knowlegeable she is.Center for Spiritual Living Southeast Louisiana is a spiritual community and way of life that honors all paths to God.

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New Destiny Treatment Center brings recovery to our clients through psychological and emotional counseling, education, physical exercise and the spiritual guidance and healing of Christ.

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Lawrence Christian Center is an Associate Church with Faith Christian Fellowship International Church, Inc. in Tulsa, Okalahoma.

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The Center for Data Science was among the first initiatives embarked upon by the College of Information and Computer Sciences when it was established in 2015.The Fines and Fees Justice Center seeks to catalyze a movement to eliminate the fines and fees that distort justice.Here at Ohio Valley Vision Center, we are dedicated to ensuring that our patients get the vision they deserve.We offer a variety of exciting events, formative trainings, and life-changing programs for clergy, laity, and all the baptized.Texas Vision was established to be able to provide eye care in a way that we feel benefits both patients and the community.